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AYSO Section 3

Welcome to the website of AYSO Section 3, our central source of information. Although all regions use the same AYSO guidelines, no two regions are run exactly the same, due to differences in geography, demographics, management styles, etc. On February 9, 2017, Section 3 existed 38 years.

  • August 2017: this website is slowly transferring to http://ayso.bluesombrero.com/section3, including registration.
  • There will be a learning curve for everyone, and some hick-ups, so please be patient with us.
  • Introducing: Blue Sombrero
  • AYSO's new online education portal: AYSOU

  • New Rules and Regulations: Heading the Ball
  • CDC - HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training.
  • Get aHEAD Safely in Soccer™ Online Diploma Course

    Introducing: Blue Sombrero

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    AYSO Section 3, consists of New York, New Jersey and New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont), with nearly 40,000 players, playing in 6 Areas with approx. 90 Regions. We are a part of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), a nationwide non-profit organization, with approx. 550,000 players, ages 4-18, that develops and delivers quality youth soccer programs in a fun, family environment based on AYSO's six Philosophies.

    AYSO Vision Statement:
    To provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.

    AYSO Mission Statement:
    To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs, which promote a fun, family environment based on our six AYSO philosophies (EBOPSP, see left)

    AYSO Experience:.
    - grow the AYSO culture
    - provide achievable, progressive goals
    - communicate expectations
    - be a proper role model
    - impart knowledge and skill
    - ensure success

    The basic community program is the Region and the volunteer staff members are encouraged to organize their regions to best suit the needs of their community. Each of the over 1,000 Regions are headed by a Regional Commissioner (RC) who, with the help of a Regional Board (a minimum of a RC, Risk Management/Safety Director, Treasurer, Coach Administrator (CA), Referee Administrator (RA), Registrar and a Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)), conducts the region within the framework of AYSO's six Philosophies, Rules and Regulations, and By-laws. A Region may have as few as 200 players or as many as 5,000 players grouped into girls and boys divisions based on age.

    Several bordering regions comprise an Area headed by an Area Director (AD) who is responsible for the performance and growth of the Area. The AD provides support for each Region in the Area, including by facilitating the training of coach and referee volunteers, and by assisting the AYSO Regions in their mutual activities, for example, by the scheduling of inter-regional travel games. The AD's responsibilities also include oversight functions to make certain each Region does not violate AYSO's core principles, By-Laws, National Policy Statements and governing Rules & Regulations.

    AD's report to Section Directors. Several bordering AYSO areas comprise a Section headed by a Section Director (SD) who is responsible for the general welfare and administration of an AYSO Section. An AYSO Section may cover several states, an entire state or a portion of a state. There are no such things as "state associations" in AYSO.

    Governing the overall organization is the National Board of Directors (NBOD). RC's of chartered AYSO Regions, AD's, SD's and National Board Members serve as executive members with voting rights.

    The AYSO National Office in Torrance, California (near Los Angeles) works closely with all executive members, sections, areas and regions, and assists participating members (including RC's of pilot regions which have not yet become chartered regions, regional board members, players, coaches, referees and other volunteer parents) by, among other things, providing many vital services: computerized registration, training of field and administrative staff, liability and accident insurance, organization-wide communications, annual section meeting support, including education courses and skills sessions and much more.

    What to expect from your Region:
    - A fun soccer experience for your child during games and practices.
    - Coaches and referees who understand and support the AYSO Philosophies.
    - Technical training for coaches and referees.
    - Caring volunteers who manage the "business" of the Region.
    - A national organization for support and guidance.
    - Fiscal responsibility via a financial statement published yearly.

    Tell Us What You Think
    As proud as we are of our program, we know that it is not perfect. Whether you are a player, or a parent, new to the game, or with a lifetime of experience, we want your input. What is good about our program? What could be improved, and how? Feel free to contact any Regional, Area or Section Board member, or stop us at games or on the street and let us know how you feel. We are committed to making this the best youth sports program in the area, and can only improve with your help. Don't be shy.